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DeAnna Rowe

I am a freelance costume designer, teacher, clothing designer, jewelry maker, artist, pattern maker and seamstress . Most recently I was the Adjunct Assistant Professor of Costume Technology at the University of Florida School of Theatre and Dance.  I received my M.F.A. in Theatre Costume Design and Technology from the University of Missouri in Kansas City.  I’ve lived or worked in many different areas of the United States and really enjoy the variety of natural beauty represented in each area—plains, mountains, oceans, deserts and forests.  I am inspired by all the beautiful colors and patterns found in nature.  I love to discover textures of all materials. I love viewing my world around me and using that vision to create art.

As long as I have been able to hold a crayon art has been an important part of my life. I feast on rich colors and love to explore visual depth in painting and photography, and color and texture in fabrics and all other surfaces. I love to view life looking upwards—head in the clouds, eye on a star, up a tree trunk.  I also love the view of Earth from the air but get to spend much less time in this position and usually can’t bring my art supplies along for the ride.

I am the Gypsy Dreamer.


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